Key to Business Success: Personal Health of the Owner

A Man Brainstorming about Health Concepts

A blog I read a few years ago said: “You are your business’ most important asset,” and I couldn’t agree more.

When an owner is out because of illness, especially a lengthy one, the business can suffer. So, with spring in the air, now is a good time to focus your attention on yourself, on your health.

Here are some strategies to use now:

  1. Assess your health. Where do you stand now? Do you need to lose some weight? To you need to begin or change an exercise program? If you don’t know the status of your health, consider scheduling a visit to your primary care doctor and see. Make the time to get a handle on your health.
  2. Plan a summer vacation. Now’s the time to be thinking of getting away for R&R. The importance of taking vacations from a health perspective has been well documented. For example, one study found that an annual vacation cuts the risk of a heart attack by 50%. A Psychology Today article notes that vacations help to break the “stress cycle.” Whether you plan a two-week vacation or just a long-weekend getaway, the earlier you plan, the easier it will be on your business.
  3. Kick a bad habit. It’s all too easy to fall into bad practices in our personal lives, especially when we’re so busy at work and just try to cope. Some may drink a little too much; others may stay up too late and fail to get enough sleep. Be honest about your bad habit and resolve to make changes. If necessary, get professional help.
  4. Encourage your staff to focus on their health. While you’re thinking about yourself, share your health strategies with your staff. However, do NOT do anything that could cause embarrassment (e.g., don’t tell an employee that she needs to lose weight) or trigger any lawsuits (e.g., discussing a disability is in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act).

Resources for improving your heath:


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