Let Barbara deliver your message to the small business market!

Called “the guru of small business taxes” by The Wall Street Journal, Barbara Weltman has been working since 1977 as an attorney and small business advocate to make entrepreneurs smarter.

Barbara is a recognized authority on tax, legal, financial, and other topics that affect small business owners. She’s trusted for her judgment and insight and is a virtual mentor to thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners across the country. People listen to what Barbara has to say.

Her blogs and articles appear in numerous venues, including SBA and Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council. Her radio show features nationally-known SB leaders, government officials, and experts who address the needs of the small business & entrepreneurial community. Her publications, including "Idea of the Day®" & e-newsletter, "Big Ideas for Small Business®", books, columns, online chats, and speaking engagements, are all geared toward making complex business information understandable for small business owners nationwide

With an audience that’s constantly growing, Barbara is a dynamic, multi-faceted resource in delivering information about your products and services to the right market. She regularly reaches the small business community through her website, the many books she has written, a variety of podcasts and webinars, a monthly radio program, a monthly newsletter, speaking and teaching engagements, social media, her membership on advisory boards, and targeted consulting.

Barbara uses her experience and knowledge to influence business owners by alerting them to tax, legal, and financial issues so they can succeed now and in the future. Put your message into the trusted hands that touch your market every day!

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