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We’re dedicated to giving our readers the most relevant and useful information to help make entrepreneurs smarter! We’re actively engaged in bringing practical ideas and resources to help small business owners and entrepreneurs run a thriving business. For the past 20+ years, Big Ideas for Small Business, Inc. has been one of the top small business blogs and resources for entrepreneurs and business owners everywhere.

Here is what we’re looking for in a guest author.

Expertise and solid writing

We expect that you are the expert on your topic and your writing subtly proves it. You need to source and give credit for ideas and statistics that aren’t your own.

We want an interesting, well-organized piece, with data and personal anecdotes if appropriate.

An educational aim

We expect your article to provide useful, current, and tested information from a business-to-business (B2B) perspective.  Remember, we are not looking for marketing products or services. We won’t accept spammy backlinks and we won’t allow blatant advertising.

We are happy to link to your company website (in your author bio) and will consider inline links within the article provided they bring value for our readers.

The right voice and tone

Our readers are primarily small business owners and entrepreneurs. Some of them may be business students looking for resources. Your writing must be relevant to the business community. We keep our language plain and simple.

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