Thanksgiving: Why I'm Grateful to be a Small Business Owner

Last week was Global Entrepreneurship Week, a worldwide celebration of entrepreneurship in which 160 countries participated. It was an opportunity to see what’s going on entrepreneurship-wise in the U.S. and abroad.

Here are some reasons why I’m grateful to be a small business owner in the U.S.

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In the U.S. just about anyone can become an entrepreneur. All it takes to get started is an idea and some capital. In other countries, students are pigeon-holed early in their lives and may become locked into careers that don’t support entrepreneurship.

Statistics in the U.S. show that whether you’re a women, minority group member, veteran, foreign born, or any other so-called minority, you have virtually the same chance of making it in small business as anyone else. In fact, the SBA’s Office of Advocacy reported "[t]he business ownership rate is higher for immigrants than non-immigrants. "


Entrepreneurship is celebrated and supported in many quarters. Some examples:

Doing good

Small business owners contribute substantially to the economy and their communities in a number of ways, including:

  • Employing workers. Small businesses employ more than half of all workers (56.1%) in the U.S., according to the SBA.
  • Creating jobs for others. Small businesses help create jobs in other companies by utilizing their goods and services. The existence of small businesses in a community helps improve the local economy and, thus, jobs there.
  • Doing charitable work. Small businesses contribute cash, property, and time to help various charities.


I could certainly gripe about some things, like over regulation and taxes. But there’s a lot to be thankful for. I am!


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