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Cutting Red Ribbon - Gearing Up to Open Your Doors

Gearing Up to Open Your Doors

Cutting Red Ribbon - Gearing Up to Open Your DoorsWhether you’re about to start a new business, relocate to new premises, or expand to additional locations, you need to be prepared to let the public know you’re ready for them. This requires some investment to have the materials on hand that will tell customers about your business and where they can find you. Here’s what you need, and how to get it in the easiest possible way.

What you need to get started

Whether you’re in retail, hospitality, technology, or a service business, the process for starting in a new location is roughly the same. To paraphrase from Field of Dreams, if you build it, they can’t come unless they know where you are. A new location means a new address and often a new telephone number. Your company name, logo, and other key information must be shared with the public through:

  • Banners. These are portable signs that can display your company information and/or product and service information. They can be durable for outdoor use. While popular sizes are 2’x4’, 3’x6’, and 4’x8’, you can customize a banner for your needs.
  • Brochures. These are pocket-sized descriptions of your business and what you do. They’re handy take-alongs for prospects when you attend trade shows and networking events.
  • Business cards. Don’t think the digital age has made paper business cards obsolete; quite the contrary. They’re still the easiest way to share contact information and, because of a physical presence, continue to be a reminder to the holder of what you do and how to find you. The quality of the card matters.
  • Custom stamps. There are many uses for custom stamps, such as affixing your logo to envelopes and packages or marking the date that materials are received. Custom stamps come in three varieties: the rubber stamp and ink pad combination, pre-inked stamps, or the self-inking stamps.
  • Flyers. If you’re having a grand opening or a special event, share this information with the public via flyers that can be posted locally.
  • Posters. Like banners, they are advertisements for your business in general or a special event in particular.
  • Signs for storefronts, in-store signs, and parking signs. Be sure to check with your city or town on any restrictions (e.g., size, placement) for outside signage.

How to get what you need to get started

The list of items that may be necessary or helpful to your business when you are about to open your doors can be obtained through in-store or online options. Consider, for example, using Staples Print & Marketing Services to meet all your needs. Staples is a longtime supporter of small businesses, and makes it easy to find the necessary products and services for your business in one place.

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Final thought

Even if you’re not starting out in a new location, you’ll likely need print and marketing materials from time to time. For example, if you’re doing a special presentation, you’ll want handouts for attendees. If you’ve added a website or social media channels for your business operations, you’ll want to re-do your business cards so customers, clients, and prospects can readily find you. Again, a one-stop shop such as Staples can provide you with year-round solutions to help you succeed.

This post was created in partnership with Staples. All opinions expressed in the post are my own and not those of Staples.



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