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5 Ways to Hire Your Next Employee

© Bartpeereboom | Dreamstime.com - We Are Hiring Written PhotoAccording to NFIB’s May 2017 survey, “hiring plans and job openings accelerate but more small firms say it’s hard to find qualified help.” In the old days, if you needed to hire a new employee, you put a help-wanted ad in your local newspaper and were bombarded with calls and resumes. Today, this is the last thing you’d do.

Here are 5 ways to find a new employee in a tightening job market.

1. Use online sites

There are a number of sites to use for posting job openings, such as Indeed.com, Monster, and ZipRecruiter. It’s up to you to create a posting that will attract attention. Be sure to note that some postings are free but some services cost money. Betterteam has a listing of the top 50 job posting sites to find and recruit new talent.

2. Ask employees for referrals

Let employees know you are trying to fill a position and ask if they know anyone who may be suitable. Reward employees for giving referrals.

You can craft an employee referral program. This may be giving a bonus when a referred person is hired (cash, tablets, tickets to sporting/theatrical events). Some companies defer rewards to make sure that the referrals work out (e.g., on the one-year anniversary of hiring).

3. Hire from within

If you’re looking to fill a management position, perhaps you already have someone on the payroll who’s ready to move up. Keep your eyes on your existing employees to discern talent that you can use in other positions in your company. Of course, doing this means you may need to fill the spot vacated by the person you promoted.

You can also hire from within by creating internships. Interns may demonstrate their abilities as well as being a good fit with your company, which make them ideal job candidates after graduation.

4. Post openings on your social media sites

Many large companies post job openings on their websites, or on Facebook/LinkedIn pages. You can do the same:

  • Add a Job Openings page to your website
  • Pin your company’s office and other pictures on Pinterest.
  • Invite applicants to submit 10-second videos on Snapchat (McDonald’s in Australia did this earlier this year).
  • Blog about job openings at your company

5. Let employees find you

Depending on the urgency of filling a position, you may be able to have talent approach you by letting it be known that you’re looking. There are various ways to do this:

  • Post a help-wanted sign in your window if you have a retail/restaurant establishment.
  • Share information about a job opening when you’re networking or other business events.
  • Contact the employment offices at local colleges if you’re filling an entry-level position.


It’s like selling a home in a buyer’s market: there are many properties for sale and it’s up to you to get prospects to view yours. In a tight job market, you’ll have to be proactive and creative to attract good employees. Good luck!


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