What Would You Do to Change the Internal Revenue Code?

That’s the question that Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) is asking. He says that it’s too costly, too complex, and unfair.

“We need a simpler, fairer tax code that protects taxpayers, not special interests – and helps America compete and win.”

Some of the problems with the current tax system include:

  • Loopholes for special interests.
  • Unfair tax treatment of small business owners (e.g., not being able to deduct their own health insurance as a business expense).
  • Unequal application of the rules (as shown in recent Congressional hearings regarding applications by certain groups for tax-exempt status).

It would be hard to find anyone who disagrees with Rep. Brady’s statement. The problem arises in how to fix the Tax Code. Some have suggested scrapping it entirely and starting from scratch with a new tax system (some argue for a fair tax). Others want reform of the present system.

Now you can give your input and tell Congressman Brady what you think should be done with the Tax Code.

If you want to respond, do so here. (Note: By answering, you are subscribing to his newsletter, but you can later unsubscribe.)


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