Small Business Background Helpful in Congress

Representative Robert Dold (R-Illinois), who ran a small business before coming to Congress, became the first new representative in this session to get a bill passed. The FHA Refinance Program Termination Act (H.R. 830), which passed the House on March 10 with some bipartisan support, would eliminate an ineffective (i.e., wasteful) mortgage restructuring program. The measure is now in the Senate.

It is a good example of how small business owners can identify wasteful spending and know how to get things done.

Rep. Dold’s background:

He ran Rose Pest Solutions, a small business founded in 1860, which is the oldest pest management company in the United States. Dold is one of 33 new members of Congress who are entrepreneurs and small business owners.

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Now that more members of Congress have a business background, it is hoped that government actions will be sensitive to and supportive of small business needs in particular, and helpful to the country in general.

Historically, most members of Congress had business backgrounds. According to one source: “In the First Congress in the House of Representatives [in 1789], 36% of the members were farmers or planters, 17% were merchants, 5% were ministers and 5% were officeholders…” and in the “Senate of the First Congress, 48% were planters or large landholders, 38% were lawyers and 14% were merchants.”

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