• Small Business Tax Planning for 2010

    Jim Blasingame
    What do you need to know to do your small business tax planning for 2010? Barbara Weltman joins Jim Blasingame to report on some of the key tax filing deadlines to pay attention to, as well as tax law changes that are anticipated, especially with regard to the health care bill.

  • Business Beware Radio Show

    Business Beware Radio Show
    Barbara's interview with Business Beware Founders, Ashley and Robert Bodi, centers on small business tax filing issues, revised tax laws for 2010, strategic business planning, and more. 

  • Current Challenges for Small Business Tax Planning

    Jim Blasingame
    Why is the government making tax planning so challenging? Barbara Weltman talks with Jim Blasingame about some of the difficulties small businesses are having with tax planning and why that's creating a negative affect on jobs creation. She also reports on key tax reporting dates..

  • Year-end tax planning and small business tax issues

    Jim Blasingame
    What is the news on tax laws and proposals? Barbara Weltman joins Jim Blasingame to talk about new developments in tax laws, including loss carry back, and other tax planning news, tips and dates.

  • Important tax and retirement planning tips for 2009

    Jim Blasingame
    There are a number of Important tax and retirement law dates and changes that you need to know and Barbara Weltman talks about these with Jim Blasingame,as you get ready for tax planning

  • Focusing on small business tax issues

    Jim Blasingame
    Tax planning isn't fun but it must be done and it's becoming more critical to small business success. Barbara Weltman joins Jim Blasingame to talk about the latest tax news, including tips for tax planning with regard to current tax law and proposed tax policy...