How to Pay for the Stimulus Package

It’s becoming clear that one way to do this is for President Obama to continue appointing people with unpaid taxes. In order for them to be confirmed, they must pay up.

  • Timothy Geithner (who paid up and apologized during his confirmation hearing). He belatedly paid $28,000 in back self-employment taxes.
  • Tom Daschle (who also paid up and made a public apology, and then withdrew from consideration). He belatedly paid $146,000 in back taxes and interest related to the taxable use of a car and driver and consulting income.
  • Nancy Killefer (who withdrew her nomination to become the first chief performance officer). She had failed to pay employment taxes on household help for a year and a half, resulting in a $946 tax lien for failing to pay unemployment compensation of $298.

Are there any more potential appointments that can be made to help pay for the stimulus package?


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