How Does She Do It?

Whenever I meet in person someone who has been receiving my Idea of the Day® for a long time, I’m often asked how I come up with the ideas. This is the 9th year for the postings, so I’ve done more than 3,000 ideas to date. There are only a handful of repeats; most are unique ideas everyday.

Here are the ways in which I create the postings:

  • Subscriptions to many government newsletters, alerts, and other publications from the IRS, Department of Labor, Social Security Administration, Small Business Administration, and more. I comb through new laws, regulations, and other useful government information.
  • Postings on social media sites, including Twitter and other ones that I follow regularly. For example, someone may recommend an app; I’ll check it out and decide whether it’s worth sharing the information with my readers.
  • Correspondence from PR firms touting their clients’ latest products, services, achievements, surveys, etc. Since I’ve been doing this so long, I’ve developed relationships with numerous PR people around the country who, by now, know what will be of interest to me and my viewers.
  • Personal experience, including things I come across in my business activities, see or hear in traditional media, or just stumble upon. For instance, I may hear something on the radio while driving my car that I’ll check out later and discover to be useful information.
  • Suggestions from readers, including my husband who mines the Internet for small business news and sends it my way. I invite readers to submit ideas to me at [email protected][dot]com. If an idea is used, attribution for it (and a hotlink to the contributor) is provided.

I want readers to know that I don’t test or use all of the products or services that get mentioned in an idea. (Once in a blue moon I hear from a viewer who has had a problem with something I’ve posted, such as a link or a problem reaching a company mentioned. If I can help to correct the problem, I do.) None of my daily ideas should be taken as endorsements; they are merely posted for information purposes to enable readers to do their own research.

I look forward to many more years of providing interesting and useful ideas for small business owners around the country.


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